Welcome to Lydia Roper Pilates

Lydia Roper PilatesLydia Roper is an accredited Matwork 3 and Reformer Teacher with the Body Control Pilates Association. Teaching Matwork and Reformer Pilates in her private studio in Barnes, South West London.  Offering one-to-one lessons or classes for small groups of two to three students.

Body Control Pilates is an international symbol of Pilates excellence.

About Lydia

I came to Pilates as I had a back injury.  Like a lot of others, I had fairly strong legs and a weak core and wanted to protect my lower back and strengthen my core. Pilates, through matwork and reformer, has helped me to get my body aligned and stronger.  This helps with the other activities I like to do, like golf and tennis.

Knowing how well it worked for me I wanted to teach what I had learnt to other people. This has taken me on the road of gaining my teaching accreditation and setting up my private studio.


Body Control Pilates Certified Teacher - Lydia Roper